House Of Horrors – Nail Biting Moments

Movies are what we are talking about here and specifically about horror movies. We would have so far spoken or read about articles on many other serious...

House Of Horrors – Nail Biting Moments

Movies are what we are talking about here and specifically about horror movies. We would have so far spoken or read about articles on many other serious topics but now it`s going to be interesting here. Yes, this is sure to tug in everybody`s attention. Movies are of different genres – comedy, sentiment, horror, action, crime, thriller etc and each one is interested towards a particular genre. It all depends on their likes and dislikes for a particular expression or feel. There are a few who like to watch all types of movies. Generally, it is a custom among the youngsters to watch movies of all genres and for them, it is just the entertainment quotient that amuses them.

Here we are going to talk specifically about the horror movies. This very word ghost and horror would send shivers down the spine. Though many of us feel a little scared about these and hearts of hearts have a liking for such movies, we might not have the guts or the willpower to watch them and that too alone. Even if we have a partner watching the same, we might not be very comfortable watching such movies for they are generally produced and directed to scare the onlookers.

Description of horror movies

Scary or horror movies are generally produced to create a sense of panic, fear, and dread in the minds of the onlookers. These movies generally have their plots around an evil force or a ghost or a person with evil thoughts and attitudes. They are structured in such a way that the thrill or the quiver is kept hidden until the end and the viewer is made to sit throughout the movie. Every scene or instance in the movie is knitted to create an anxiety in the minds of the onlookers instilling in them a wait for the forthcoming scenes and ultimately the climax.

Almost all the movies are all tightened and carried towards the final part and this is what keeps the momentum going. Though many of us are scared to watch such movies, we still have a yearning for such movies. Though many are scared, they still watch it with their eyes closed for most of the scenes. This is the level of interest and fascination for such movies among the increasing population. The numbers of movies are increasing day by day and there are in fact more than 2 movies a week. This increase in number is because there is an expectation from the viewer`s side for movies of all types.

In addition to this, the numbers of writers and producers have also increased and hence there is never a shortage felt. With an increase in the number of such movies, the intensity of the horror feel is also increasing and with every movie, the expectations are only increasing and the demand for such movies are actually increasing among the other genres. This is one common genre watched by all without a difference since it comes under the family movie tag and hence everybody has the liberty and comfort to watch these movies. Though the main theme is horror, they would have a tinge of thriller, crime, and fantasy.

Off late, there have been many movies that have been focused and produced with this horror as the main theme and there are an increasing expectation and hail for such movies. Though these are scary, people do not stop watching them and in fact, there is a high demand for many such movies on the screen. And again such movies will give the real horror or thrill feel when they are watched on a bigger screen, meaning theaters and not when they are watched on televisions or CDs and VCD`s. In fact, all the movies are produced and directed with this intention of screening big and wide and they all insist and request the viewers to come and watch the movie in theaters only.

These are some of the various types and kinds in this genre of movies. The real charm of watching a horror or scary movie is actually watching at night in darkness. Oh god, how would it be to watch a horror movie without lights? Watch it to experience and feel it. is one very vast and extensive website that offers a platter of movie choices.

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