Horror movies are not just about ghosts and spooky things but include anything that creates a thrilling feel and an anxiety in the viewers. There are many different types and though we have this wide variety the center point is horror. All different horror movies are pointed towards this spot and the entire movie is focused on maintaining this horror and thrill feel in the viewers.  

Silence is the main factor that really brings in the horror feel. The movie of such kinds mainly moves in silence and they can be better experienced and felt when they are listened and watched in silence. But this is generally violated in all the theaters for people generally let out their fear in the form of cry and call. 

Subs of horror genre 

  • Teen horror – the movies that belong to this genre are mainly based on teenage stories wherein either love or action is the basic and finally, ends up with either thrilling or suspenseful situation. 
  • Monster horror – these movies generally include characters with supernatural powers and they portray fights and wars between these special creatures and human beings. The climax is an obvious one but the story line comes with heavy challenges by these extraterrestrial species which finally ends with a victory to the human race. 
  • Zombie horror – this is probably the most dreadful movies belonging to this category because they portray living beings from the dead. They generally act as mindless creatures who follow the Principles Of Ghostly Concepts and Theories. 

Action horror – this is a very common genre which is a slightly similar to the monster horror genre wherein there is a main character in the name of a hero and this is mainly all about action and crime stories and this mainly depicts how this human force acts against the ghostly forces and finally brings in a victory to the entire human force.